Amore Dimore! - A tour of Hotel Saint Marc by Dimore Studio



Whilst in Paris for Maison et Objet last month (our round up of the hottest finds is still available to check out on the blog) we couldn't resist a little design pilgrimage to our personal gods of designs latest project. Dimore studio has created Hotel Saint Marc and it was top of our list for things to see in Paris. So much so that it deserves its own blog. We think you will agree it is on another level when it comes to interior vibes.

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We've been worshipping at the font of Dimore Studio for years and they have had a massive impact not only on our design aesthetic, but also on how we've created our studio. Our own design house project (bathroom renovation coming soon to the blog) was born out of our passion for the Milan apartment that played host to, and no doubt inspired, all of Dimore Studios new designs. We go to Milan Design Festival every year because Italian design is so close to our hearts and each year Dimore completely re-imagine their central city apartment on a theatrical scale. Last year we told you about its incredibly dark and experiential showing that left us breathless and totally in love. Their work is not just about form and texture and glamour - it is about atmosphere. And their latest work delivers on atmosphere in a big way.




There is an austerity about their design for Hotel Saint Marc, a new spa boutique hotel in Paris, which goes beyond restraint or elegance. It has a glamour that is so deep it feels bizarrely pared back, yet dangerous. If Stanley Kubrick had been an interior designer, perhaps he would have been Dimore.



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What we love is their mix of unique new furniture shapes with highly decorative fabrics that are painfully crafted. The use of gloss paint on walls and ceiling, deep boldly coloured skirts and no mouldings or cornice. Clean lines and extravagant surfaces. Rich colour and soft pastels combined. And they know how to select a vintage screen.







You feel instantly in love and also a little scared. As if a vampire has invited you to his room and has not yet decided whether to eat you.



Their design is clever and simple with the most original edge that is instantly recognisable as Dimore. Entering one of their spaces, you feel special. Something that is undefinable yet palpable. They are magic.

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Dimore, we love you, never stop doing what you do. You give us life and one day, when we grow up, we want to be you. 

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