Architect Walter Segal and London's self-build communities



A new book on the blog for you to enjoy about a visionary architect creating community spirit that is still going strong today. 

Walters Way & Segal Close, by Taran Wilkhu and Alice Grahame, has just been released and is a wonderful nosey into the thriving community of design loving folk, on two very special streets in South East London, our beloved area.




"Walter Segal was a visionary architect who designed homes that ordinary people could build themselves. Born and trained in Berlin, Segal is said to be the only architect with two London streets named after him – Walters Way and Segal Close. Produced by current residents, the book traces the history and looks at how the homes have been adapted while retaining their strong community spirit."



The book is as much about the people living there as it is about the architecture and it strikes us, that is exactly as Walter Segal would want it. The way the homes have adapted and evolved to the individual needs of each family, as you can see in these beautiful photos, is a testament to quality of the original vision for these unique homes.



Tom Dykoff, our pal, architecture expert and presenter on BBC's Great Interior Design Challenge is a major Walter Segal enthusiast too. He's also another South East London resident. See, it's all happening south of the river.




If you would like to know more about this amazing community, you can get your own copy here: 


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