Fashion comes to Interiors as Ted Does Tiles



It's National tile week and we wanted to share this fab new collection with you bringing together Brit fashion Brand, Ted Baker, with British Ceramic Tile's. To introduce us to this new foray into interiors, we were invited to visit Ted HQ and were greeted by a giant red lobster on the front of the building, instantly giving us a flavour of the uniqueness and personality that Ted Baker stands for.


We then got to look through their latest clothing collections and their shoes (hard to leave behind). It struck us that detailing and colour are so important to them as a brand. Right down to every button and zip and hem. This detail is evident in their new tile collection, with subtle surface textures, modulating patina and pattern.



Tiles are not just for kitchens and bathrooms, and brick pattern metro tiles are not the only option and putting the same tiles on the walls and floors is a beautiful minimal base for a room - especially with tiles this beautiful and subtle in shade. The patina and patterns modulate to avoid any pattern repeat and the concrete greys and surface textures give this collection a modern feel that is effortlessly chic.


What's more, the size of the tiles (330x330mm) is perfect for installation. Contractors love them, because they are big enough to cover large spaces quickly with minimal grout lines and small enough to handle easily and be applied to tricky technical areas, like wet room floors. So they get the thumbs up on the technical front as well as the aesthetic front and that is an area that it can be so easy to forget when you are hunting for the tile of your dreams. But so important in the long-run for maintenance.



The quality ceramic surface is also able to take a beating on the traffic and lime scale and cleaning products front. This will make you life much easier when it comes to living with them in your home. Sorry to get technical and talk cleaning, but it's a genuine bonus and should be a major consideration.

Here are three of our favourites from the collection and there is a plain grey patinaed tile that compliments all of the designs beautifully.


Partridge - period details of embossed wallpaper give this design a classic edge and in this pale grey it is so beautiful and useable.




Geometric - perfect in so many different settings, this has a retro edge and a subtle texture that is oh so liveable and perfect with that growing collection of houseplants.



Dark florals - this was a huge trend at LDF last year and now here it is, ready to be part of your home. It's a bold statement, but you know how much we love a beautiful floral in an interior.


Chinoiserie Artile – the colour palette of this pretty design is perfect as art or vanity unit splash back.



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