How to create a monochrome haven in your home



Bringing you a DIY look that you can achieve in your home for modern monochrome impact with added touches of cosiness. If you love grey and those elegant Scandi vibes, but you are looking to give a room some extra wow, we teamed up with Wickes to create a monochrome design for you to try - with lots of styling tips along the way. 


We were approached by home improvement brand, Wickes, to create a living room design that looks as if it could have been photographed in black and white. Quite a challenge for us given our extreme love for all things colourful, but once we started researching this one we got hooked and loved trying something new. 

It was also surprising to re-look at a brand that we have usually gone to for screws and the odd power tool (yes we really do have our own tile cutter and mouse sander) - and find that there is more to them than meets the eye. The paints, for example, are great value and went on a dream, but more on this later.  


The space we were given to transform was decidedly uninspiring, with no real architectural features (essentially a white box). So the inspiration for the design of the room came from searching our black and white photos and also, perhaps more importantly from the floor. Changing your flooring, using the same flooring throughout your spaces is a great way to create a massive change to any space. This flooring ( ) was also surprisingly inexpensive, which is always a major bonus. We chose this pale oak flooring from the new Wickes range as we love that white washed Scandi look for floors - it's a great base for so many different looks.


We had one day to pull this look together so before we arrived we had the flooring laid and a base coat of palest grey Falling Feather in Wickes Matt emulsion painted on all four walls. We also replaced some rather dated wall lights with these simple half moon, plaster wall lights because they are paintable so we can blend them in with the colour of the walls. This helps the wall lights to recede into the scheme whilst still giving a gorgeous ambient light to the room at night. Wall lights have fallen out of favour, but they are coming back in and we think the can give a room great flexible lighting options, especially these up lighters. Definitely time to get back on board with the wall light we say.


Next we got organic with a textured ombré wall. This stunning paint effect is easy to achieve in your own home with a little care and patience. (Note: we even had jackets and our fav shoes on and still managed to do the paint effect without ruining our clothes but this is not to be tried at home). But if you do want to give it a go, buy 4 emulsion paints in tonal colours. Here we have used all the greys in stone and metal tones to fit the monochrome look. (,,

Start from the top and work your way down the wall. Paint your palest base colour all over first. Then apply a band of the next palest shade with a small roller and feather the top edge in with a dry clean brush. You can be quite full on with this, so long as you keep all your strokes vertical and don't let them veer off at different angles. 


Apply the next band down, overlapping the first band slightly and again feather the top edge of this band. Apply your final darker band of paint to the lowest part of the wall and feather in the top edge – be sure to clean and dry your brush properly in between different colours. Finally, use the dark shade but in eggshell paint for the skirting board to finish it all neatly. 




With the black stained furniture this look gains a Japanese minimalist touch that makes it all very chic. We then styled it up two different ways to give you options and show you how versatile the look can be if you want a look that evolves with you. 


So there is a monochrome geometric look with this artwork we made from marble vinyl in a simple black frame and a standout geometric Jaguars weave cushion. 

And there is this Scandi Cosiness look that is all about layers of wool with linen and leather and a luxurious faux fur cushion.



The branch was cut from our garden and gives a bit of sculptural form to the overall scheme. 


It's definitely a look that we would love to live with and we have even surprised ourselves that we could get so into a monochrome scheme. We love it and hope you do too.

Please share any pics with us on social media if you decide to give it a go - we'd love to see.


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