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We have long been fans of Johnson tiles. They are our go to brand for simple clean modern tiles. When we approached the design of this three bedroom two bathroom Penthouse in Kew. We knew we wanted to add impact and colour but also pattern and texture and not in a subtle way!

With two large bathrooms and an open plan kitchen to design we wanted to simplify the use of materials we used so that we could really go to town with pattern and texture. We had already chosen the flooring (read the Amtico blog here) and so next was tiles.


Johnson's Prismatics range, the details are 68 colours, 2 finishes and 5 size so you can imagine why it appeals to the magpie in us! We have used it soooo many times within our interiors projects as it is so flexible, amazing quality and the colours are incredible. We often use a mixture of matt and gloss to create different effects.

As with the flooring we new we wanted the tiled areas to have a sense of uniform whilst also being individual. We started to explore tile patterns. There are lots out there and a quick Google will come up with many grey illustrator ideas of how you can really change the look of a simple 100x200 tile. We settled on a basket weave style tile formation. This in itself was already a little unusual; we had a mix of square and rectangle tiles as you can see here in the kitchen. But that wasn't enough... we then decided to mix the matt and gloss so each square was gloss and the rectangle all matt, both in white. The result was incredible... really elegant but with edge. As you move around the space the gloss tiles sparkle and catch the light and really highlight the pattern.


In the bathrooms we wanted to create the same look but with different colours. For the guest bathroom we chose a soft blue, all in matt. It references the colour of the kitchen and also the wallpaper in the master bedroom.

For the master bathroom we chose matt white and a gloss black, this was the most dramatic and again references the square pattern in the Kelly Wearstler wallpaper we chose for the bedroom, this can be seen through a huge glass window bringing light into the master bathroom.


We hope this will inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to tiles and explore the many options there are to you out there!

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