Laying the foundations of our Design House Bedroom from the floor up!



As our design house project continues (getting more epic by the day) we are treating ourselves to a bedroom re-design. This was partly inspired by the fact that our lovely plasterer gave us a good price on the bedroom, since he was here to re-plaster our bathroom anyway (more on the bathroom soon to come). We hadn't intended to plough on with the bedroom yet, but whilst the mess was in full swing we figured we may as well get it going at the same time. Such is the renovation life! One mess leads to another and another and another...


Having sanded the original floors and stained them to match the ones we did previously downstairs (see other post here) we then wanted a lovely layer under foot. Not a showstopper this time, but something quietly luxurious. You feel it before you see it. The overall scheme has some bold choices of furniture and art and fabric going into it. So the rug is hugely important, but playing the role of quality base layer, after all a good suit is useless without the right shoes to set it off just as a prima ballerina needs a sensitive partner with the strength to show her off. 

Ha ha! We could go on, but this may become ridiculous! You get the idea.


Where to go for a quality rug that is all about texture and authentic materials? Our search led us to Crucial Trading and their bespoke rug maker service. Their range of materials feels true to our room and we especially love their weaves and their suede trim options.


On a side note here, if you follow us regularly, you may have noticed that we are working towards becoming vegan. The suede was chosen before this lifestyle change, but we have since looked into alternatives and there is an amazing new product called Pinatex that has great texture and colour options and is made entirely from pineapple leaves, a bi-product from existing pineapple farming. One step at a time for us on our road to a plant based life, but we will certainly be looking to use this fab material in future projects.

FullSizeRender.jpg IMG_2455.jpg

Back to the rug in our bedroom for now though as it has turned out so beautifully and we do love it. The flooring colour inspired the choice of rug, as well as the paint colour on the walls (Mylands Fitzrovia). We wanted the rug to blend to ally with the floor and there is such a huge choice in neutrals at Crucial trading that we actually spent a good hour in the showroom sifting through samples and ended up taking three home to try in the light of the room.


We've gone for this warm soft (fresh silver grey sisal weave (rather comically called harmony boucle) with stone coloured suede trim. And we couldn't be happier with it.


Now that the bones of the room are in place, we are just working on the other pieces, getting some bespoke curtains printed and artwork up. We will share the final look with you as soon as it's ready. 

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