Paris Design Diary - Part one - Deco Off



So let's have it 2017! - Off we shoot to Paris for Deco off and Maison et Objet. Big on the design calendar and our first trip of the year to get to know what's out there for our clients and for you to enjoy in your homes. 2016 had its challenges and no doubt some shit is set to hit the fan in 2017, but we still embark with our same hunger for good design and big smiles on our faces.

We will tackle Maison for you in part two of this two part post but for now, our trip begins with a day at Deco Off, a collection of showrooms in two districts of Paris, dedicated largely to all things decorative.


Part One 

After a day of wandering the streets and weaving in and out of showrooms we are struck by how soulless Deco Off feels this year. There seems to be no fire in the belly. No magic. It all feels like going through the motions. International brands show us their new collections in a half-hearted manner as if they are just waiting to show them properly in some fabulous experiential installation at Milan design week later in the year. 

4-_IMG_7021.jpg  3-_.jpg

In an attempt to pull some meaning from the mundane of it all we can tell you that mohair velvet is everything, big influences are coming from old school Chanel with bouclé’s and other sartorial fabrics that we felt desperate to turn into new coats. And the surprise colour combo of this trip seems to be Black and Tan. Or maybe we are just missing our gorgeous boy, Buckley, the Black and Tan dachshund. 


7_IMG_7006.jpg  6_-_IMG_7003.jpg12_-_IMG_6936.jpg

In some showrooms there seems to be a lack of authenticity, as if showing here is merely box ticking. Except that is for Pierre Frey, where the archive is on show, there is a wonderful bespoke service re-colouring archive designs and a new natural textures range that feels pure 80s. Dedar is also just stunning as always. We also enjoy a trip to Original BTC's huge lighting showroom. They may be a Brit brand that we were already aware of, but they are giving it large here in Paris and for that we salute them.

9_-_IMG_6921.jpg  10_-_IMG_6790.jpg11_-_lighting_resi.jpg

In past years, we have loved Deco Off and Paris is/always will be dear to our hearts and held in high esteem. But the show so far has left us a little cold, and not just because we forgot to pack some gloves and hats.  

Perhaps the current state of world politics has made us all reassess what home means to us and this is having its affect on how we are seeing things now in the design world. So we are holding our breath and hoping that Maison et Objet holds some wonder for us to behold tomorrow. We usually avoid all of the vast halls except 7 & 8 where the creative gems lie. Fingers crossed. 

5_-_Piere.jpgMeanwhile, our excitement is rekindled as we head off to a glorious dinner with one of our fav French brands, Petite Friture. Having just used their beautiful lighting for one of our residential interior projects, (full reveal on our projects page very soon) we are well acquainted with their range and cannot wait to see what new delights they have been working on.  


They do not disappoint, with their friendly hosting and exuberant approach to design. Things are looking up. Here's to a fabulous second day at the main show. Watch this space for more updates and more pics of our fav Paris finds very soon. 

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